Why OptiFast Is a Great Option For a Teen

The teenage years are never easy. From fighting acne to learning how to drive, being a teenager comes with its own ups and downs. Unfortunately, a growing number of adolescents aged 12-19 are dealing with obesity as well.

Obesity is a dangerous health condition that places the body at risk of serious conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea, so it is essential that teens have the tools and resources they need to lose weight.

Optifast is a great solution to help teens overcome obesity. It is the leading medically supervised weight management program for teens who need to achieve and maintain weight loss. Optifast is so effective because it doesn’t just limit calories; it takes a unique approach to supporting the nutritional, medical, psychological, and behavioral needs of obese teens.

OptiFast Helps Your Teenager Make Healthier Choices

If your teenager is ready and willing to commit to a program that will help her learn better eating habits and adopt healthier lifestyle habits, then OptiFast is an excellent choice. This comprehensive physician-assisted weight loss service usually lasts between three to six months.

Each month, your physician will help your teen focus on behavior changes. Together, they will set goals, undergo nutritional and activity counseling, and use stimuli to narrow food cravings and caloric intake. OptiFast offers the ultimate support system that is completely dedicated to long-term weight loss goals.

OptiFast Makes Nutritious Meals Easy

The Optifast meal replacement items offered in the teen program provide room for more choices than the adult Optifast program. They even include bonus items such as bars, shakes, soups, and a meal of the day.

Clinical studies have proven time and time again that Optifast for Teens can safely and effectively help obese adolescents lose weight and maintain that progress for the long term. This medically-supervised weight loss system is perfect for teens who aren’t sure where else to turn.

If your teen is struggling with obesity and needs a reliable and supportive way to lose weight and shed the risks of diabetes and heart disease, give Dr. Hermann a call at (813) 902-9559. Her convenient Tampa and St. Petersburg locations make it easy for you to obtain the help your teen needs to live a healthier life.