Tired? Irritable? It Could Be Your Hormones

In today’s world, feeling tired, stressed, and a bit cranky at the end of the day is hardly unusual. But what if that fatigued and irritable feeling starts to encroach upon your life? How long have you been feeling like a lesser version of yourself? Are you gaining weight, struggling to perform sexually, or having trouble with your memory? So many men experience these problems as they get older, but they aren’t sure why. They might attribute the changes in their physical and mental state to too much pressure at work or the unavoidable effects of growing older. However, the truth is that a hormone imbalance is likely the underlying factor.

Without the proper level of testosterone production, the male body cannot continue to function like it needs to. Testosterone is absolutely critical to a man’s well-being, yet testosterone production decreases with age. Since testosterone dictates everything from appearance and sex drive to muscle mass, the condition of low testosterone can be devastating if not properly addressed.

Do You Have Low Testosterone?

Some signs and symptoms of low testosterone are rather subtle, but others are hard to miss. How many of these have become a part of your life?

  • Low Sex Drive: It’s no secret that testosterone drives your libido, which means that a lack of testosterone will deflate your libido. If your sex drive just isn’t there anymore, a hormone imbalance could be to blame.
  • Erectile dysfunction: ED can not be attributed to just one cause, but low testosterone is a very likely contributing factor since testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide, a molecule that triggers a series of chemical reactions required for an erection to occur.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue and decreased energy levels are classic signs of low testosterone. If you are tired even after a full night’s sleep, it’s time to investigate your hormone imbalance.
  • Less muscle, more fat: Testosterone regulates fat and muscle, so when your body lacks testosterone, fatty tissue starts to accumulate while muscle mass decreases. The same goes for bone mass, since testosterone is responsible for producing and strengthening bone.
  • Moodiness: Research indicates that men with low testosterone exhibit an increased rate of problems like depression, irritability, and lack of focus. This issue certainly isn’t helped by the fact that you’re tired, gaining weight, and struggling to maintain your sex drive.

The problems caused by low testosterone can feel defeating, but Dr. Hermann at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness offers the natural hormone therapy you need to regain your sense of self! Hormone therapy options like pellet therapy can safely, quickly, and efficiently restore your testosterone levels in order to help your body thrive once again. Within just days of your therapy treatment, you’ll notice the differences and begin to feel like the best version of yourself again. Call (813) 902-9559 to schedule a hormone therapy consultation with Dr. Hermann!