All About the Updated, Non-Surgical Nose Job

If you’re unhappy with your nose, but you’ve begrudgingly assumed that you can’t change it, you are not alone! So many men and women wish that they had a simple way to adjust the appearance of their nose without resorting to a full surgical rhinoplasty. Thanks to dermal fillers, this is actually now a very real possibility! Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse make it surprisingly easy to resolve many common cosmetic nose problems without any invasive surgery.

What Should You Know About the “Dermal Filler Nose Job”?

Dermal fillers have become a very common cosmetic enhancement tool because they use hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to restore lost volume under the skin. When used around the face, fillers can plump the cheeks and lips, make wrinkles and folds disappear, and provide an overall boost of youthfulness to your appearance. The filler continues working for as long as two years before being safely absorbed into the body. Dermal fillers can now be used in the same way to alter, enhance, and augment the shape of the nose.

Is a Dermal Filler Nose Job Right For Me?

Dermal fillers effectively add volume and structure to the skin. If you want to enhance and augment your nose, then a dermal filler nose job is the perfect choice. However, if you wish to remove any size or shape from your nose, this simple procedure probably can’t help. A dermal filler nose job is best used to fill and improve your existing nose structure, so it will be great if you want to resolve small humps or bumps, structural deformities, slight asymmetry, or an overly scooped appearance.

Which Dermal Fillers Are Used?

Each doctor has developed his or her own favorite filler to use in the nose area. Juvederm Voluma, for example, is FDA approved to restore age-related volume changes in the cheeks using a special hyaluronic acid formula, so it works well to fill, shape, and contour the nose. Even more impressively, Voluma lasts for a full 18 months. Radiesse is another favorite for non-surgical rhinoplasty, since its CaHA formula is soft enough to be molded in the nose but firm enough to retain its shape for a long period of time.

It’s amazing to think that a temporary filler and 30 minutes of your time is enough to subtly yet effectively improve the appearance of your nose. You can work with an aesthetic expert at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness in Tampa, Florida to use the dermal filler that will help you reach your cosmetic goals without any complications. Just call (813) 902-9559 to make your first appointment.