Tips for a Smooth Lip-Filler Recovery

Planning on getting lip filler in South Tampa for a plump, youthful pout? Lip fillers are among our most popular aesthetic treatments, and with good reason! This type of injectable can quickly and effectively enhance your lips without downtime or side effects. 

Get the most out of your lip filler treatments by following these recovery tips from Dr. Hermann in South Tampa:

Take it Easy.

For the first 24 to 48 hours after receiving lip filler in Hyde Park, avoid strenuous physical activity. Raising your heart rate and blood pressure during a workout can worsen bruising and swelling. Gentle exercise, like going for a walk, is a good alternative to a hard-hitting gym session after your lip filler treatment. 

Skip Happy Hour. 

Alcohol is a blood thinner, so it can compromise your body’s healing process. It can also exacerbate inflammation, making bruising and swelling from lip fillers more likely. So, save those adult beverages for a few days after your lip filler appointment. 

Stay Grounded. 

In the week after getting lip filler in South Tampa, we recommend avoiding air travel. When you’re at 30,000 feet, the air pressure can worsen lip inflammation, while the dry air in a plane cabin can dehydrate your lips.  

Schedule a Buffer Before Big Events. 

We recommend leaving ample time between your lip filler appointment and major events. It can be hard to predict whether your fillers will cause bruising or swelling. Just to be sure, give your lips a week or two to heal properly before attending big gatherings. 

Stay Hydrated. 

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin and lips hydrated. This is particularly helpful after receiving aesthetic injectables, when your skin may feel drier than usual. Hydration also supports your body’s recovery process, ensuring the best possible lip filler results. 

We’re here to maximize the benefits of your lip filler in Hyde Park. Book an appointment with us today for a personalized treatment plan!