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Weight Loss

We offer three options for weight loss in Tampa: Optifast, meal replacements with one meal per day, and meal planning.  In your first visit, we help you select the plan that is right for you.  The overall purpose of a holistic approach to weight loss in Tampa is to eliminate toxins from your body and get it to a healthier state.  Our Tampa weight loss clinic is supervised by Anne Hermann, MD, a board certified internal medicine doctor.  The ultimate goal is to get you to your ideal weight in a healthy, sustainable manner.  Often our patients have attempted diets in the past, only to have the weight return after they go off the diet.  This roller-coaster approach to dieting is not healthy and can cause additional problems.  When you see us for weight loss in Tampa, you will receive a customized approach specially designed to help you achieve your personal needs and goals.  This plan will provide you with the vital tools you need to succeed in reaching your goals and can include:

For those in need of additional tools to guide them, our Tampa weight loss clinic also offers hypnosis and medications (only when necessary) to assist in achieving your goals.

Call our office today at 813-902-9559 to schedule your weight-loss or nutritional consultation and start down the road to a healthier you!

Please call 813-902-9559 or 727-278-3992 to schedule with Dr. Hermann. Dr Hermann has a new office and she cannot be reached at the phone number on the video.


Achieving optimal nutrition in today’s society is extremely difficult.  We are bombarded by advertisements for food or products that are not only unhealthy, but also contain elements toxic to the human body.  Your diet may even contain food products that give you an allergic reaction.  Meeting with our Tampa nutritionist will provide you the tools to start purifying your body.

We have dietary approaches (detoxification diet or elimination diet) that aim to eliminate toxins or allergy-causing foods from your diet.  We couple those with our line of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements  to get your body to a clean, and healthy state.  Our Tampa nutritionist will also discuss proper approaches so that you will avoid the toxins and allergens in the future, to help you maintain a state of optimal nutrition.

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