Relaxation Acupuncture | Tampa & St. Petersburg

Acupuncture for RelaxationStressed? Overworked? Tense? At the offices of Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we understand that stress is a leading cause of disease and depression. We offer acupuncture for relaxation in Tampa and St. Petersburg, which has a very calming effect on both the mind and body. Dr. Hermann has been providing acupuncture for relaxation treatments since 2004. During your acupuncture treatment, your relaxation hormones will kick in and muscle tension dissipate. Most patients will slip into a very relaxed state, some even fall asleep. *Individual results may vary

Tampa relaxation acupuncture treatments help with insomnia and other stress related issues.  Many use it as a time to gather and clear their thoughts and allow their body to return to a more natural, harmonious state.  When you leave, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. *Individual results may vary

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