St. Petersburg CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting® treatments can significantly reduce stubborn fat deposits without the use of anesthesia, needles, or surgical incisions. This patented, non-invasive procedure uses the principles of cryolipolysis to target fat stores that are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting treatments commonly target the inner and outer thighs, upper and lower back, arms, stomach, flanks, chest, knees, and chin. It’s equally beneficial for women and men.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

In essence, CoolSculpting treatments freeze fat cells to death. Precisely targeted and timed cooling of treatment areas results in reduced subcutaneous fat stores. The fat cells that are destroyed are subsequently metabolized by the body, which takes 2-3 months in most cases. As the weeks pass, you’ll be able to watch your body transform progressively into a more lean, sculpted state.

CoolSculpting is able to target fat deposits in places where healthy eating and regular exercise often fail. The process takes 1-3 hours depending on your goals, is painless, and is so simple that you can read, listen to music, watch television, or take a relaxing nap during treatment. There is no downtime expected, and you can return to all normal activities almost immediately.

Some patients experience mild to moderate bruising, swelling, and sensitivity after CoolSculpting treatments. These side effects typically self-resolve within 2-3 days. This safe cosmetic procedure has been performed worldwide more than 4 million times and has a high patient satisfaction rate.

Dr. Anne Hermann is renowned in Saint Petersburg as a CoolSculpting expert. The entire staff at the Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness medical spa is extensively trained and experienced in producing the safest and most significant results possible. Call (727) 278-3992 today to schedule your first appointment for this simple, pain-free, and very effective fat reducing procedure.