St Petersburg Hypnosis

Dr. Anne Hermann, MD is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who has been providing St Petersburg Hypnosis since 2004.  As a medical doctor, she recognizes that bad habits and stress related issues have a large impact on our health.  Dr. Hermann uses hypnosis to treat weight loss, smoking cessation, insomnia, phobias and pain control. *Individual results may vary


In four- one hour sessions we train our patients on a self-hypnosis technique to enable them to use hypnosis whenever they are stressed or have a craving.  The technique is extremely effective and patients continue to use the technique for years after their sessions with us. *Individual results may vary


Some questions that people ask us are:


How do you know that I can be hypnotized?  Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized, but it does take practice.  That is why our St Petersburg Hypnosis program is four sessions long.


Is it mind control?  No, you are completely aware of everything that happens in hypnosis and can make decisions.  We cannot hypnotize anyone to do something that they do not want to do.


How does it work?  We teach you how to believe that your goal is real.  Once you stop questioning your goal, it is much easier to achieve it!


To learn more about St Petersburg Hypnotherapy, call (727) 278-3992.