5 Juvederm Fillers and When to Use Them

This month we have a special on five Juvederm dermal fillers. Now is a great time to try these amazing age-defying treatments for yourself. But how do you choose which one to try? The five different fillers are used for different types of aging, and it is important that you choose the right one. Use the guide below to help you make your decision, or contact us for a consultation for assistance.

Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm Ultra contains the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which is a component found in the skin naturally. It is mostly used to decrease lip lines, facial lines around the mouth, and to increase the fullness of lips. This dermal filler is great if you have lost a lot of volume in and around your lips causing wrinkles to form. Results last about one year.

Juvederm Ultra Plus

Juvederm Ultra Plus is also made with hyaluronic acid, but it is a thicker dermal filler that is great for reversing moderate to severe volume loss in the face. Sometimes as a person ages their body no longer produces the components necessary for healthy and full skin. This can cause volume loss in the face that can lead to deep lines and wrinkles. Juvederm Ultra Plus replaces that fullness and smooths out the lines that it caused. These results last about a year as well.


Juvederm Vollure is another hyaluronic acid dermal filler. This one is formulated specifically to help with laugh lines, also called nasolabial folds. Laugh lines can occur for a number of reasons, including volume loss. Sometimes laugh lines are simply caused by a lifetime of smiling. Either way, Vollure is the answer to this problem. This dermal filler offers the smoothest results, and they last about 18 months.


Juvederm Voluma is another hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is specially formulated to reverse the signs of aging related to volume loss in the cheeks and chin that can cause wrinkles. Mild to moderate volume loss near the cheekbones and on the chin can be reversed with this dermal filler. Your results from this treatment will last up to two years.


Juvederm Volbella is a dermal filler that is great for correcting fine lines. If you are just beginning to see the major effects of aging, this is a great dermal filler to start with. Results from this dermal filler last about one year.

Now that you know what the different dermal fillers are used for, contact us today to schedule your appointment for two or more fillers.