A Useful Guide to Recovering After Injections

Injectables have become one of today’s most popular aesthetic treatments. They provide numerous benefits, including no downtime, no scarring, and noticeable results. From wrinkles to thinning lips to sagging skin, injections can be used for a wide range of cosmetic concerns. 

While injectables require virtually no downtime, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the recovery process. Read on for our complete guide!

Recovering After Injections: What To Expect

Immediately after receiving injections, you may notice results right away, particularly for hyaluronic acid fillers. Your skin may be slightly red, swollen, and tender. These side effects, if they appear at all, should resolve within a few days. Your provider may suggest using a cold/hot compress and elevating the treatment area to manage swelling. 

Injectables don’t typically require downtime, so you can expect to return to your normal activities right away. Just try to remain upright for a few hours after the treatment, as lying down could spread the injectable (particularly for neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport). Additionally, in the first week or so after receiving injections, your provider may recommend that you make small adjustments to your lifestyle habits to protect your skin and ensure the best possible results.

These lifestyle adjustments may include:

  • Strenuous exercise

You may need to avoid vigorous physical activity for 24 to 48 hours after receiving injectables to ensure that your skin heals properly. 

  • Touching the treatment area

You’ll need to refrain from touching, scratching, or massaging the treatment area for a few days. Doing so could irritate your skin.

  • Sun exposure

The sun’s harsh rays can break down hyaluronic acid and compromise your results. So, after receiving HA fillers, your provider may recommend that you avoid the sun for a week or longer. Additionally, be diligent about wearing SPF during the recovery period (and beyond!) to protect your newly rejuvenated skin. 

Dr. Hermann at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness will provide detailed aftercare instructions after your injectable treatment. Schedule your consultation today!