Benefits of CoolPeel with Cartessa

Laser therapy is an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery for patients looking to give their skin a fresh start. But, the redness, downtime, and discomfort associated with many of the powerful lasers available today often deter patients from achieving their cosmetic goals. 

With the Cartessa CoolPeel, patients can now reap the benefits of rejuvenating laser therapy without the associated pain and recovery time. This innovative CO2 laser treatment offers numerous benefits for patients in South Florida seeking younger-looking skin, including:

Faster Recovery

The Cartessa CoolPeel uses the most advanced CO2 laser available, the SmartXide Tetra laser from DEKA. The SmartXide Tetra was developed to administer high peak power in very short pulses at low energy levels. With an ultra-short pulse, this laser produces controlled injury to the epidermis and outermost dermis while reducing the heat accumulation in the skin. 

The SmartXide Tetra provides an ideal level of ablation for skin rejuvenation while minimizing thermal damage to the surrounding skin. As a result, the CoolPeel requires as little as one day of downtime, compared to a week or two of recovery time for the average CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. Most patients can return to work the day after a CoolPeel with makeup.  


The Cartessa CoolPeel is widely considered comfortable, especially when compared to other rejuvenating lasers. Most patients don’t require a topical anesthetic for this treatment. 


A full-face CoolPeel treatment can be administered in as little as five to 10 minutes. It’s a quick, well-tolerated laser treatment that can fit easily into most Tampa patients’ busy schedules. 

Natural-Looking Results

The SmartXide Tetra laser used for the CoolPeel treatment uses a proprietary spray emission that provides a random pattern on the skin. This provides more natural-looking results than the average fractional laser treatment, which uses a square grid pattern. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cartessa CoolPeel in Tampa or St. Petersburg, schedule an appointment at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness today!