Best Target Areas for Radiesse Filler Treatments

Radiesse is not like other dermal fillers. This injectable cosmetic treatment can replace lost volume and fill in facial folds like no other. And, to top it off, your results could last as long as two years. But what is Radiesse really used for? Here are the most common target areas.

Laugh or Frown Lines

Do you feel deeply? Do all of your thoughts and emotions show on your face? If so, you might notice laugh or frown lines forming. These nasolabial folds can be difficult to reverse, but Radiesse shines in this target area. The filler smooths out the laugh lines and fills in the creases, giving your face a plumper, younger look.

Lost Volume

Men and women lose volume in the face due to illness, hormonal changes, or intentional weight loss. Tissue or fat loss in the cheeks is common in illness, and can be an issue for those who lose 30 pounds or more whether or not it is intentional. Radiesse does the best job of not only plumping your cheeks, but also supporting your body’s own collagen so that results last much longer. You can also replace lost volume in the backs of the hands to give them a youthful appearance.

Get Your Radiesse Treatment

Radiesse isn’t like other dermal fillers, because its cooperation with your body’s natural collagen production make the results last much longer. In fact, you could see results lasting two years or more. If you are ready to get your Radiesse treatment in one of these target areas, contact us today to schedule your appointment.