Botox for Eyebrows? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Easy Solution to Droopy Eyes

botoxEveryone is talking about cosmetic treatments for “above the mask,” but have you seen the simplest solution? Forget the risks of a surgical brow lift, or the invasiveness of PDO threads and similar skin tightening procedures. You can solve those droopy eyes and refresh your appearance above the mask with a simple Botox treatment.

Botox isn’t just for frown lines. 

Botox is a great cosmetic treatment for many target areas, including the brows. With a comprehensive Botox treatment, you can enjoy the effects of a brow lift with immediate results and no downtime. Botox is a simple, safe, and effective treatment that relaxes the muscles beneath the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

How does the Botox brow lift work?

The Botox brow lift makes use of Botox injections in a few different target areas. First, injections will be made to smooth the forehead lines between the brows. This can also be served to lift the brows, giving you a more open and wide-eyed look. You can complete the look with some units to the crow’s feet. 

Want to make sure that you are really ready to go out on the town? Follow up your Botox eyebrow lift with our various under eye treatments. Contact us today to schedule.