Cosmetic Trends in 2018: Juvederm, the Hyaluronic Acid Filler

How do you want to begin 2018? You know that you don’t want to begin the New Year feeling tired, run down, and aged, but do you know how to effectively rejuvenate your mind and body? Eating well and exercising are the obvious answers, and while they are definitely important, they cannot always combat side effects of stress and aging like wrinkles, lost facial volume, and thinning lips. That’s where Juvederm comes in.

Juvederm is a very popular family of hyaluronic acid fillers that addresses virtually every skincare need with just one treatment. As the top-selling collection of hyaluronic acid fillers in America, Juvederm effortlessly adds volume to different areas of the face in order to lift cheeks, smooth parenthesis lines, and plump the lips. Results are subtle yet long-lasting. As Juvederm’s tagline says, “Everyone will notice. No one will know.”

Why is Juvederm So Effective?

Though the Juvederm family is composed of many different products like Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Volbella, and Vollure, each is similarly formulated with hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate results. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occuring substance that delivers nutrients to the skin. This helps the skin retain moisture and softness while also adding volume.

As soon as Juvederm enters your skin, it immediately replaces the volume that disappeared and caused your wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging. Juvederm continues to refine and advance its formulas to help each Juvederm treatment deliver longer-lasting results. For example, Juvederm Voluma is clinically proven to last up to two years in the cheek area!

Using Juvederm to Tackle Your Own Signs of Aging

If you want to correct age-related volume loss in your cheeks, Juvederm Voluma XC is specifically formulated to add volume beneath the skin’s surface in order to lift and contour the cheek area. Patients report looking up to five years younger at six months after treatment!

Lines and wrinkles, on the other hand, can be tackled with Juvederm Vollure. This product softens moderate to severe facial line and wrinkles to create a much smoother complexion. Imagine looking in the mirror without pesky parentheses lines around your nose and mouth. Juvederm Vollure makes that possible for up to 18 months at a time.

Lastly, Juvederm Volbella and Ultra can both be used to enhance your lips. While Juvederm Ultra adds fullness to the lips, Volbella can add subtle volume and simultaneously soften the appearance of vertical lip lines. It’s all of the results you need in one single treatment.

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