How Much Fat Can You Lose With CoolSculpting?

For stubborn fat that sticks around despite a healthy lifestyle, consider CoolSculpting. This non-invasive fat reduction treatment has gained widespread popularity for its ability to safely and effectively shrink deposits of stubborn fat. 

Before undergoing CoolSculpting, it’s important to manage your expectations. One of the most common questions that we get from patients is how much fat you can lose from the treatment. Below, we’ll answer this question and explain how exactly CoolSculpting in Tampa can give you a leaner, more sculpted appearance. 

How CoolSculpting Works

The CoolSculpting applicator delivers precise, controlled cooling to the treatment area of your choice. It does so by drawing the tissue into a chamber using vacuum suction. This process may cause some discomfort but isn’t generally described as painful. Patients can typically complete another activity, like watching TV, reading a book, or even replying to emails, during their CoolSculpting treatment. 

The controlled cooling technology targets fat cells beneath the surface of the skin, causing them to freeze and die. Your body will process and remove the targeted fat cells within two to three months, leaving the treatment area lean and contoured. The skin in and around the treatment area is left unaffected. 

Many different areas of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting, including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Love handles
  • Upper arms 
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat

How Much Fat Will I Lose?

CoolSculpting permanently destroys around 25% of the exposed fat cells. Once these cells are removed, they can’t return. So, your body won’t be able to store as much fat in the treatment area, even if you gain weight in the future. 

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness offers CoolSculpting in Tampa and St. Petersburg. We’ll help you reach your cosmetic goals with this non-surgical fat-reduction treatment! Contact us today for a consultation