Nonsurgical Remodeling of Your Jawline with PDO Threads

Profile of a beauty woman face skin and hand manicureIf your jawline is weak, sagging, or more pronounced than you’d like, you might frequently find yourself considering cosmetic surgery. For most people, such thoughts are fleeting. You don’t really want to spend that much on just your appearance, right? Well, there is another way to remodel and define your jawline that is completely nonsurgical but has the same effects as a face lift.

Causes of a Poorly Defined Jawline

There are several reasons you might want to consider cosmetic treatment for your jawline. A poorly defined jaw will give the appearance of the chin angling and virtually disappearing into the neck without a definite break at the jawline. This can be caused by:

  • Significant weight loss or yo-yoing weight gains
  • Illness that steals volume from the face and jowls
  • Normal aging that can relax the skin and reduce volume in the face, chin, and jowls
  • Genetic disposition, which has a lot to do with how much other factors contribute to a poorly defined jawline

Regardless of why you may need to improve your jawline, you no longer need to go through a surgical neck lift to correct the issue. Our PDO threads are only mildly invasive, give you the look of a neck lift, and require no surgery risks or real downtime.

How PDO Threads Work

PDO threads are inserted under the skin, and perhaps under the subcutaneous fat underneath. The threads are inserted strategically with a special blunt tipped cannula that is effective while minimizing bruising and swelling. Once strewn through strategic points on your jaw and neck, the threads will be pulled tight, giving the appearance of a neck lift. 

The PDO threads dissolve naturally in your body and are completely safe. Insertion of the threads also triggers your body’s own healing response, which can lengthen the duration of your results. It is important to note that, unlike a neck lift, this procedure is temporary and will need to be done again in the future unless you choose another option.

Skin Tightening for Your Jawline

PDO threads are one of the safest and most popular ways to tighten the skin of the jaw, neck, and jowls. If you are ready to discuss skin tightening options for your target areas, contact us today for a consultation appointment.