Allergy Testing | Tampa & St. Petersburg

If you are suffering from Tampa allergies, we offer two different types of allergy tests that identify which substances are causing your symptoms: blood and skin tests. The results of these tests will let Dr. Hermann know whether you need to be treated with immunotherapy, medication, or dietary changes.
One type of Tampa allergy testing conducted in our office is a blood test, in which a small sample of blood is drawn and sent to a laboratory. We use both Genova and Alcat for blood allergy testing. Blood tests are generally used food allergies. Using this method, we can test for up to 200 different food items over 300 items total, including food, spices, food additives, herbs, molds, and environmental chemicals. *Individual results may vary

For environmental allergy testing, we offer a skin test, in which a small amount of allergens are placed on the surface of the skin with a small scratch. We conduct this test on your back and can test for up to 70 allergens at once and your results are ready within minutes.
Below are answers to commonly asked questions by our patients when considering an allergy test:

What is the age requirement for allergy testing?

There is none.  The testing is safe for children and adults of any age, although the children may be tested for fewer antigens than adults.
What is the cost of allergy testing?

The cost of our blood testing varies depending on the tests performed.

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