St Petersburg Allergy Treatment

We offer the best treatment for allergies in St Petersburg.  For food allergies, dietary modification using a food rotation plan can be helpful.  We have staff that can help you develop a food plan based on your allergies. If your symptoms are difficult to treat or you do not tolerate medication well, we prescribe sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) that provide long term relief of food and environmental allergies.


Some reasons we recommend allergy drops for your St Petersburg allergy treatment:


  1. The drops are made of the same liquid used in the shots.
  2. Drops are just as effective as the shots
  3. Drops are much more convenient as they can be done at home.
  4. Drops are safer than shots because there is less risk of severe allergic reaction.
  5. Millions of doses of drops have been given worldwide, with no deaths.
  6. Cost is similar to shots.

To discuss your options for St Petersburg allergy treatments with Dr. Hermann, please call our office at (727) 278-3992.