Learn Why We Are the Leaders in Food Allergies

We all know that severe food allergies can be lethal.  But Dr. Hermann recognizes that there are more subtle St Petersburg food allergies.  We sometimes call the non-life threatening food allergies, sensitivities, because they will not kill you.  These more subtle food allergies still cause significant symptoms including:  joint pain, migraines, abdominal pain, sinus congestion, rash, constipation, diarrhea, rash, autism and fatigue.


There are two ways to determine whether you have a St Petersburg food allergy.  One is to do an elimination diet.  If, after eliminating specific foods from the diet, you feel better, then we know that something you are eating is causing your symptoms. 

The second and easiest way of St Petersburg food allergy testing is a blood test.  A blood test will tell you if you have an allergy and how severe the allergy is.  For treatment, patients now have the option of taking sublingual allergy drops 

We are proud to be offering the full spectrum of St Petersburg food allergy testing and treatment in a safe medical environment.  Anne Hermann, MD is double board certified in Internal Medicine and as a Physician Nutrition Specialist.  She has been practicing in Tampa Bay since 2003.

Our St Pete Beach office is located on the corner of Corey Avenue and Gulf Boulevard in the heart of St Pete Beach.  It is convenient not only to residents of the beach communities, but also to the greater St Petersburg area.

To schedule your appointment in either our Tampa office, please call (813) 902-9559.