Xeomin or Botox – Which is the Right Choice for Me?

If those wrinkles around your brow, eyes, and forehead are becoming more and more noticeable with each birthday you celebrate, it’s time for a change. Thanks to incredible advances in cosmetic technology, you can make your wrinkles disappear in less time than it takes to get the oil changed in your car or shop for groceries!

Botox has long ruled the cosmetic industry as the “go to” injectable that safely and effectively banishes unwanted wrinkles for months at a time. However, a new and very similar product called Xeomin is also growing in popularity. Though so closely related, these two products present distinct differences as well. Which is the right choice for you and your skin?

Botox: Eliminate Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet

A Botox injection contains a miniscule amount of a highly purified botulinum toxin protein injected directly into specific muscles. Botox relaxes the targeted muscles so they don’t contract as dramatically when you make facial expressions. A few days after your treatment, you will notice that the wrinkles on your forehead, in between your brows, and around your eyes soften and disappear as a result of your relaxed muscles.

Treatments for crow’s feet require three injections near each eye, while brow frown lines take five injections to calm the muscles involved. The most unique element about Botox compared to Xeomin is that Botox contains proteins that clump together in an effort to help the effects of Botox last longer.

Xeomin: Focus on Between the Brows

Just like Botox, Xeomin uses the exact same technique to relax the muscles responsible for contracting and forming wrinkles, but it has two specific differences compared to Botox. First and foremost, Xeomin is “naked.” In other words, it consists only of botulinum toxin type A and is completely free of the additives and proteins found in Botox. Many customers prefer this because Xeomin’s purity minimizes the potential for allergic reactions and helps it work faster and more effectively.

Furthermore, Xeomin specializes in smoothing away wrinkles between the brows, whereas Botox can target frown lines on the forehead as well. If you specifically want to eliminate wrinkles between your brows and prefer to use a product free of additives and proteins, Xeomin is the best option for you.

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