Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness Introduces ZO Skin Health Inc.

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness is adding ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi MD to our skin products. We are excited to offer our clients this high end physician grade skin care line. ZO Skin Health has advanced skin care solutions to create healthy skin and treat damaged skin. “Dr. Obagi’s innovative principles for restoring skin health are considered the gold standard in skincare.” Zo Skin Health products and systems can treat all skin types.

The start to any skin care treatment plan is a good cleanser and toner. Here at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness we offer ZO Hydrating Cleanser for our normal to dry skin clients and ZO Exfoliating Cleanser for normal to oily skin clients. After cleansing, a toner should be used to prep the skin to provide the proper skin environment to absorb additional products to their optimal ability. For this reason Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness has added ZO Calming Toner pH Balancer for dry sensitive skin clients and ZO Complexion Renewal Pads for all other skin types. For those that need that little extra exfoliation to facilitate cell turnover, improve circulation, and enhance product penetration, patients may want to add ZO Exfoliating Polish.

Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness has also decided to add some ZO Skin Health treatment products such as Ossential C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum, Rozatrol, and Hydrafirm. ZO Ossential C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum is a potent ascorbic acid to brighten and even skin tone. ZO Rozatrol is a normalizing serum for the treatment of red sensitive skin like rosacea clients experience. ZO Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repair Cream helps support skin elasticity around the eyes, reduce the appearance of puffiness, and soften the appearance of fine lines.

ZO Skin Health also has wonderful anti-aging products. Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness has added the ZO Anti-Aging program, Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus, and Ossential Daily Power Defense. The ZO Anti-Aging Program includes an Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, Ossential Daily Power Defense, Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus, and Sunscreen plus Primer SPF 30. Individually you can order the Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus which contains growth factors, amnio acids and retinol to stimulate collagen production and restore elasticity at the cellular level. Also, you can purchase individually Zo Ossential Daily Power Defense that contains retinol, antioxidants, and specialized DNA repairing enzymes to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

We here at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness feel ZO Skin Health physician grade products give our clients the boost their skin needs to be healthy and appear more youthful. Dr. Obagi’s “mission is to create skin that is healthy, youthful, and vibrant, fulfilling my definition of skin health.” Stop in to purchase these wonderful ZO Skin Health products or call to book a free consultation with one of our providers or esthetician to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific skin care needs.

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