How Hormone Evaluation Can Solve Acne in Tampa and St Pete: Acne Care Part 1

Posted by Anne Hermann on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 08:40 PM

Our comprehensive approach to acne includes hormone evaluation, nutritional and dietary evaluation and prescription skin care treatments.  As an internal medicine physician, nutritionist and cosmetic specialist, Dr. Hermann often treats people whose acne has not resolved despite receiving standard treatments from dermatologists and aestheticians.  Below is an outline of how hormone evaluation can improve acne.  For information on nutrition or skin care for acne, see these links:

Check hormone levels:  If you think that hormones contribute to your acne, you can have your hormone levels checks through blood work or saliva.  Insurance will often cover blood work.

If hormone levels are abnormal:   If testosterone and DHEA are high, we can correct levels with supplements or sometimes medication.

Just because hormone levels are normal, does not mean that hormones are not causing the problem.  For example, many female patients know that their acne gets worse before their period.  While their hormone levels on blood work are normal, they have skin that is very sensitive to hormone changes even when the changes are within the normal range.  We can prescribe herbals, bio-identical hormone treatments or birth control to help this.

What if the acne is not caused by hormones?  Often the cause is diet or something else, we evaluate that too.  Often, we get the best results by treating acne with a combination of hormones, diet and skin care.

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