How Long Does Belotero Take To Settle?

Advantages of BotoxSkin aging causes the fat pads around the eye area to sag, leaving hollows underneath the eyes. The fat beneath the skin on other areas of the face will sag as well, creating fine lines and wrinkles. These unwanted effects of skin aging caused concern among many patients.

If you’re noticing fine lines, wrinkles, and hollows beneath the eyes every time you look in the mirror, Belotero treatments can help you regain smooth, volumized skin. Belotero is a dermal filler that stands apart from other filler options for its thin, pre-hydrated formula, but how long will it take to settle? Let’s find out.

What Is Belotero?

Belotero is designed to restore lost volume in the skin, especially the under-eye area. While there are many different fillers available for lost volume under the eyes, Belotero is currently the preferred choice at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness. This is because it’s very thin and pre-hydrated, meaning that it won’t expand after injection. Due to its pre-hydration, Belotero will have the same appearance in the weeks and months following the procedure as it did on the day of injection. 

Additionally, due to Belotero’s thin formulation, it’s appropriate for use close to the surface of the skin. With older fillers, injection too close to the surface of the skin leads to discoloration. With Belotero, it’s possible to fill in lines around the eyes and mouth without causing discoloration. 

What To Expect After Belotero Treatment

While Belotero won’t expand after injection, it can cause mild swelling. A few days to a week after the injections have been administered, this swelling should fully subside, leaving the injection fully settled. 

Belotero injections can last for up to a year. This makes it a lasting solution for lost volume under the eyes. 

If you’re interested in Belotero to restore facial volume and achieve a rejuvenated appearance, contact Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness.