Keeping Up with Your Treatment Plan Via Telemedicine

Stay-at-home orders have affected every Florida resident in some way. One of the most frustrating things about the pandemic is that non-essential doctor’s appointments and follow ups are being canceled or rescheduled. 

While we are limited in what we can achieve without lab work and other in-person services, we are able to provide some assistance through telemedicine. Here are some of the areas of our practice where we can help you.

Follow Ups

If you are currently undergoing treatment, such as our weight loss programs or bioidentical hormone therapy, we can conduct follow up appointments via telemedicine. We may be able to make adjustments without an in-person visit if needed.

Functional Medicine

Our practice can treat you for a number of illnesses and medical conditions, and we are striving to offer as many of those services as possible via telemedicine. If you are a current patient and have questions about your treatment, our telemedicine services are available. We can also schedule an appointment if you have new symptoms that need to be addressed.

Medication and Supplement Refills

If you are currently undergoing treatment for hormone replacement, we can consult with you to determine any changes in symptoms and order refills of your bioidentical hormones from the compounding pharmacy. If you are undergoing treatment for weight loss and we have prescribed HCG, we can handle those refill requests with telemedicine appointments as well. Functional medicine patients on medications for blood pressure or other conditions can also get refills.

If you are in need of care, we are here for you. If your issue cannot be addressed through our telemedicine platform, we will get you scheduled for a future appointment.