How Can Magnesium Help Me?

Magnesium is a very important mineral needed for a normal, healthy metabolism.  It is an essential mineral that is necessary for numerous functions within the body.  It helps reduce immune reactions and malabsorption related to celiac disease.  Magnesium is a component of mineralized bone, it works together with calcium and vitamin D to help keep bones and teeth strong, and also promotes proper muscular development.  It supports normal functioning of muscle and nervous tissue, and is required for release of energy.  It also helps the body handle stress.   Individuals suffering from headaches and/or insomnia have reported reduction of symptoms with magnesium use.  Last, but not least, magnesium promotes cardiovascular health by facilitating normal platelet activity and helping to regulate cholesterol levels.

Magnesium is found in the following foods:  dark leafy green vegetables, bananas, avocados, nuts, soy products, whole grains, and beans.  Adult females should consume between 310-320 mg daily and adult males should consume between 400-420 mg daily.

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