Realistic, Rewarding Weight Loss Resolutions

Just about everybody has made a New Year’s weight loss resolution at some point, but many people find those resolutions difficult to achieve, resulting in more frustration and disappointment than success. Fortunately, there is a way to pursue weight loss goals in 2017 in a realistic and rewarding way. Follow these simple steps to watch the pounds melt away over the next few months.

Get Active, and You’ll Stay Active

Perhaps the most difficult part of losing weight is working enough exercise into your schedule and keeping it that way. Gyms are usually overrun with new members during January, but by February many of those members lose the motivation to make time for the treadmill and return to their old ways. In order to make physical activity a regular part of your week, begin with a realistic goal of working out three times per week. Identify three days that you can put aside an hour for a workout, and make it non-negotiable. You can even incentivize yourself and give yourself a reward, like a new workout outfit or a trip to the movies, for every week of success. The more you work out, the more you will love to work out, and it will become an automatic part of your schedule.

Think About It As Being Healthy, Not Losing Weight

If you make losing weight your primary goal, you risk becoming so focused on the number on the scale that you lose sight of your larger purpose: to be a healthier, happier, more energetic person. Weight loss should only occur gradually, at one or two pounds per week, or else it won’t be sustainable. If you focus on healthy habits, like exercise and fresh food choices, then the weight will naturally fall off.

Make the Transition to Smarter Food

The food that you eat will determine a large portion of your weight loss success, but if you try to force yourself to completely transform your eating habits overnight, you risk overwhelming yourself and reverting to your unhealthy choices. Instead, begin with breakfast and organize a few healthy recipe ideas, such as oatmeal with nuts, smoothies, and toast and eggs. Once you feel comfortable with your new breakfast habits, you can move to lunch, snacks, and dinner.

By pacing yourself and having patience with your progress, you will be thrilled with your results by the time bikini season rolls around.