Say Goodbye to Brown Spots with These Treatments

If you’ve started to notice brown, discolored spots on your skin, you’re probably dealing with the effects of sun exposure over time. Though frustrating, brown spots can be effectively treated with many of the advanced treatment options at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, including:

CoolPeel Laser Treatment

CoolPeel is a leading-edge CO2 laser treatment from Cartessa. Its unique laser technology delivers short pulses of high peak power at low energy levels, effectively targeting the epidermis and outermost dermis while minimizing thermal damage to the surrounding skin. As a result, CoolPeel omits the discomfort and downtime of conventional laser resurfacing. 

By stimulating collagen production, CoolPeel can fade brown spots, pigmentation, and other signs of photodamage. 

SmartXide Tetra Laser Treatment

The SmartXide Tetra laser exceeds the results of typical CO2 lasers while providing a high degree of personalization and shortened recovery times. It’s an exceptional treatment option for patients with brown spots, age spots, pigmentation, and discoloration. Your practitioner can select the optimal power level, density, and pulse duration to target brown spots on your skin. 


Morpheus8 delivers radiofrequency technology through a matrix of micropins to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. It’s primarily used for skin rejuvenation to tighten and contour the skin, but can also noticeably improve the appearance of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can effectively lighten and brighten the skin with results that appear within just four to seven days. At Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer the Lightening Lift Peel, Image Signature Peel, Vitamin C Facial, and Organic Tropical Facial, all of which contain brightening ingredients to improve the appearance of brown spots. A member of our experienced team can help determine which chemical peel is the best fit for your cosmetic goals. 

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about eliminating brown spots with our range of aesthetic treatments!