Why Thousands of Women are Choosing Acupuncture Facelift Over Surgery

Posted by Anne Hermann on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 06:43 PM
Laura Bertoncini, DOM

Do you want to slow down the signs of aging? Acupuncture facelift is a non-surgical, relative pain-free anti-aging procedure that effectively reduces the signs of aging. Recently Dr. Oz featured the acupuncture facelift. The acupuncture facelift will make you look and feel younger. The rich and famous are using acupuncture facelift as an anti-aging protocol. It is the perfect solution for anyone concerned about surgery, scaring, incisions that causes swelling and down time for healing.

Research shows: The 1996 International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture revealed the results of an eight-year study on the facial acupuncture. They conducted 300 case studies having just one course of treatment, 90% saw a marked improvement in elasticity, a reduction of fine lines and a smoother complexion.

Acupuncture facelift has been around for thousands of years. However, only recently has this method reached the general public. Thousands of years ago the royal families in China used acupuncture. They received regular facial massages in certain acupuncture points. The results were increased dramatically when acupuncture needles were used instead of massage.

How does the Acupuncture facelift work? First, you complete an intake on medical information.  Our questions are more detailed than your traditional western doctor.  We ask ten questions regarding lifestyle, digestion, sleep, bowel movements and more. Next, we perform a physical and mental balancing treatment on the back known in TCM as the
back shu treatment which puts the body in homeostasis or balance.  This balance will help the body accept the front treatment.  Afterward, we turn you to the spine position and insert
approximately 25 fine, hair thin needles to specific points on the face. The needles gently stimulate andactivate the energy flow along the pathways to generate and circulate blood and restore collagen. This has the effect of nourishing, hydrating, toning and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.  The doctor adds an electrical stimulation machine to energize certain acupuncture points. Finally, the doctor uses another modality to the face called cupping. Cupping uses small plastic cups that help promote blood and circulation to the face. We usually perform additional points to help enhance treatment and wellness. The result is a firmer, healthier and more
radiant complexion.

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How to Achieve Natural Beauty

Posted by Anne Hermann on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 03:38 PM

Anne Hermann, MD

Vitamins for Skin, Hair and Nail Health:  Vitamins C, E, Niacin, Zinc, Selenium, CoEnzyme Q10 and Biotin are powerful anti-oxidants that prevent collagen breakdown.  Vitamin K reduces bruising under the eyes.  Retinols, derived from Vitamin A, exfoliate the skin and prevent skin cancer in addition to fighting fine lines and discoloration.  Alpha lipoic acid and Omega 3 are natural skin plumping agents. Studies show that these vitamins are the most effective when they are all used together, rather than one at a time.  Omega 3, Selenium and Biotin are best taken in oral preparations, while Vitamins C, E, Niacin, zinc, Alpha-lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10 are very effective when used topically.

You are what you Eat:  Detoxification:  Detoxification diets can clear up acne and rosacea, jump start weight loss, reduce inflammation and energize the body.  We accumulate toxins in our body through air, food, smoke, pesticides, and medications.  Just like your car needs an oil change once in a while, you need to clean out your system.  The best way to do this is a detox diet, which is an organic diet devoid of toxic substances.  Typically, you should follow the diet for one to four weeks depending on your goals.  After a detox program, most people have less inflammation which means they feel less aches and pains.  Often people lose 10 to 20 pounds and radiate with vitality.

Natural Skin Tightening:  Radiofrequency is technology similar to laser treatments that is FDA approved for removing fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite and skin laxity.  The beauty ofradiofrequency is that it is comfortable, noninvasive and leaves no scars or down-time.  The procedure uses heat to break up collagen.   As the collagen remodels, skin becomes firmer and tighter.  Radiofrequency technology can be used anywhere on the body or the face to turn back the clock naturally.

Hormone Balance:  Hormone fluctuations are a big part of aging.  Thyroid, cortisol, and reproductive hormone imbalances will affect energy level, weight, hair growth, sex drive, skin health, and even mood. A holistic medical doctor can correct imbalances through nutrition, supplements and bio-identical hormone replacement when indicated.

Acupuncture Facelift:  Our St. Petersburg Acupuncturists trained in this technique, insert tiny needles to increase circulation and open blockages of the channels of the face. The treatments decrease wrinkles and sagging naturally without negative side effects. There are many other benefits of acupuncture, including improvement in sleep and energy.

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