Sublingual Immunotherapy Now FDA Approved For Grass And Ragweed Allergies

iStock_000040681136SmallSublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) uses rapidly dissolving oral tablets or oral solution placed under the tongue to treat allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, offering convenience to the patient. It has been approved in Europe for many years, and is now available in the United States. The sublingual drops take the place of subcutaneous immunotherapy injections which have, until now, been the mainstay of allergy therapy.

SLIT for grass allergy is approved for patients aged 5-65, SLIT for ragweed allergy is approved for patients aged 18-65. Like conventional subcutaneous injections, SLIT prevents new sensitization and progression to asthma. It is a disease- modifying therapy. The optimal duration of SLIT is 3—4 years. Most patients will need retreatment in 7-8 years. Side effects of therapy are minimal and include itching of the mouth and throat and a sensation of swelling in the mouth.

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