Try Voluma and Botox Together for Lasting Results

botoxAs you get older, you may find yourself searching for a safe yet effective way to restore a bit of youth to your appearance. Perhaps you have heard of dermal fillers and Botox, both of which help to smooth away wrinkles and other signs of aging. But have you ever considered using fillers and Botox together for double the results? Juvederm Voluma, one of the newest additions to the dermal fillers market, works impressively with Botox to create younger-looking skin for years to come.

A Bit About Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma XC helps to reverse age-related midface volume loss with an injection of hyaluronic acid that is very tightly cross-linked to restore volume and plumpness once it is injected into your skin. Results are visible instantly and only get better with time. This incredible injection can remain viable for two years, so you can enjoy your new, youthful appearance for a long time before returning for a touch-up treatment.

Botox 101

Botox is also an injectable, but it doesn’t work in the same way as fillers. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for forming the wrinkles as they contract. Within about a week of Botox treatment, the targeted muscles relax enough to gradually free the skin from its wrinkled position. One Botox treatment usually lasts about four to six months before the effects diminish.

When Fillers and Botox Combine

Utilized in combination therapy, Botox and Voluma can work like a team to improve each other’s power. Since one takes strain off the other, combination therapy helps both injections last longer. Active facial muscles tend to more rapidly break down the dermal filler, and Botox prevents certain facial muscles from moving as dramatically, so Botox allows the dermal filler to remain useful months longer than it would alone.

For a guaranteed method that will lift and smooth your skin, Voluma and Botox combination therapy is the way to go.