These Tips will Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

weight-lossWith bathing suit season months away and delicious treats and savory meals at every turn, the holidays often feel like a maze of weight loss obstacles and traps. Perhaps you’re convinced that preventing holiday weight gain is about as realistic as Santa crawling down your chimney, but the truth is that there are legitimate methods to keep your weight from fluctuating this winter. Check out these tips for the help you need.

Eat Before the Party

If you’ve ever arrived starving and desperately hungry to a buffet-style party, you know the damage that can occur. Every single dish looks impossibly delicious and within 10 minutes you’ve scarfed down 1,000 calories. We’ve all done it, but by eating a healthy meal before every party and social gathering you can minimize the number of unhealthy and unnecessary calories you eat. Even a small salad, large glass of water, smoothie, or peanut butter toast can make all the difference in what you put on your plate at that party.

Remember there is Always Tomorrow

It’s so tempting during holiday gatherings to snatch up every sinful dessert and tempting entree, but remember, there is always tomorrow, always another opportunity to eat delicious food. It’s not like all of the cookies, brownies, and mac and cheese will disappear after the party ends. Pace yourself and enjoy one or two treats at each party, rather than piling them all in at one time. You’ll enjoy your treats more when you savor each one.

Match Each Drink with Water

Alcohol is a sugar and calorie pit of doom, but it’s also present at nearly every holiday gathering. Indulge in moderation, and try to match each alcoholic drink with a water to not only stay safe but also cut back the calories. You’ll feel better in the morning, bloat less, and take in less calories throughout the night. Win, win!