Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Freeze Fat!


Do you have pockets of stubborn fat that you can’t seem to shed despite a healthy diet and regular exercise? If so, this winter, you may want to consider freezing away that stubborn fat with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an advanced body sculpting treatment that uses controlled cooling technology to eliminate stubborn fat cells. While it’s safe and effective to get CoolSculpting at any time during the year, patients often find that winter is the most convenient season for this treatment. 

How CoolSculpting Works

During a CoolSculpting treatment, a specialized applicator is directed at the area with unwanted fat. Many different areas of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting, including the abdomen, love handles, back, upper arms, bra area, inner or outer thighs, and chin. The applicator uses vacuum suction to pull the targeted tissue into a chamber, in which it’s exposed to controlled cooling. This forces the fat cells into cryolipolysis, or cell death, from freezing. But, the surrounding tissue is left unaffected. This process permanently destroys 25% of the targeted fat cells, which the body will naturally remove in the weeks following treatment. 

Why Get CoolSculpting in the Winter?

After a CoolSculpting treatment, it takes a few weeks for the body to process and remove the permanently destroyed fat cells. It’s only after these fat cells are removed that you’ll see the full results of the treatment and your new, sculpted physique. 

During the winter, people are more likely to wear layers and loose-fitting clothing. So, you’ll be able to comfortably cover up as your body removes stubborn fat cells in the weeks after CoolSculpting. Additionally, by scheduling this treatment during the winter, the results of it will be fully visible by next summer. So, you’ll be able to show off your newly toned body in summer clothing, including your favorite swimsuit!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat pockets with CoolSculpting, book a consultation at Hermann Aesthetics & Wellness today!