Allergy Drops vs. Pharmacotherapy in Tampa St Pete

Anne Hermann, MD

We offer allergy drops, or sublingual drops, which differ from pharmacotherapyAllergy drops are administered under the tongue whereas pharmacotherapy are allergy medications such as antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays or inhalers.


Many of my patients have asked me if there are other differences between allergy drops and pharmacotherapy and if there are advantages in using the allergy drops.

  1. Allergy drops have been found to be fully effective whereas only 50% of pharmacotherapy users were satisfied
  2. Treatment time for allergy drops is two minutes daily (in the comfort of your home) vs. 1-30 minutes per day for pharmacotherapy.
  3. Typical treatment time for allergy drops is four years, opposed to pharmacotherapy treatments, which are lifelong.
  4. Approximate monthly cost of allergy drops is $106 vs. $210 monthly for pharmacotherapy treatments.

The advantages to using allergy drops vs. pharmacotherapy treatments are significant.  For information on allergy testing, see our blog on allergy testing:

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