How Can Chia Seeds Improve My Health?

chia seeds and wordChia seed has been used as a nutritious dietary staple in Mexico and Central America since ancient times.  Chia seed oil contains 60% alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that promotes cardiovascular health.  It is also an excellent source of iron and fiber.

Recent research has also studied how chia seeds may be utilized as a weight-modifying food.  Patients within the studies who consumed foods containing chia seeds rated their satiety (fullness) levels higher and had reductions in both body weight and waist circumference.  Also of note, participants receiving chia seed products in the studies had decreases in their serum triglycerides (cholesterol) and glucose (blood sugar) levels.

Chia seeds are available in a variety of forms including whole seeds, oil, chia meal, and “chia snacks”.  There is no standardized recommended dose, but a typical serving of seeds (whole or ground) is a quarter-cup.

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