Customized Drops for Your Worst Environmental Allergies

19238500 - a blonde model in a field of flowers with allergiesEnvironmental allergies can cause severe interruptions in your daily life. Going for a walk, riding with the windows down, and even leaving the house at all can lead to swollen and itchy eyes and a stuffy, runny nose. It’s a miserable feeling, especially when all you want to do is shut yourself inside a HEPA-filtered box. Aside from the basic discomfort, allergies can become so distracting that they impact your performance at work, your ability to enjoy social situations, and your energy to exercise and stay healthy.

Immunotherapy Offers Hope for Allergy Sufferers

Fortunately, thanks to advancements in environmental allergy relief medication, you no longer need to be a slave to your local pollen count. Immunotherapy has become one of the most popular ways to fight back against allergies because it boosts the immune system to actually change the way the body responds to allergens. This is dramatically different than standard allergy medications that simply temporarily turn off the body’s histamine reactions.

About Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is similar in concept to receiving a vaccine at the doctor’s office. The flu vaccine, for example, places a very small amount of the dead flu virus into the body to help the immune system learn to recognize it. Once the real flu becomes a threat, the body’s immune system is far better equipped to nip it in the bud. With environmental allergy immunotherapy, the body learns to fight off allergic reactions by being gradually introduced to small amounts of whatever you might be allergic to. Rather than a shot, the medicine is provided in a sublingual form that simply gets placed under the tongue.

Customized Results

Since sublingual immunotherapy is based upon your exact allergy triggers, your treatment is customized specifically for your needs. As your body becomes more tolerant of the allergens that trigger your sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes, you’ll notice that your symptoms become dramatically diminished. This is by far the best way to tackle allergies since it resolves the core problem and helps you liberate yourself from the negative impacts of allergy symptoms.