How Juvederm and Botox Work Together to Combat Fine Lines

InjectionBotox has been the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for quite some time. Even though there are now similar products available, Botox is still reigning number one. But Botox is limited in what it can do, and if you’re already seeing some significant lines and wrinkles, you’re going to want to use a dermal filler for fast and immediate correction.

But what about using a dermal filler and Botox at the same time? Actually, that’s a great idea!

According to a review by the Dermatologic Therapy Journal, using a dermal filler and Botox at the same time can lengthen the time it takes for the filler to break down, causing a need for another treatment.

Why does this work so well?

Because Juvederm will plump the skin and smooth out lines and wrinkles, even if they are severe. But these dermal fillers break down over time, and results generally last around one year. Part of what makes those fillers break down is the constant movements of your face.

By getting Botox at the same time, those facial muscles will be limited for about four months. This means that you can add at least a few months to the duration of your filler results. The Botox can also help keep you from developing new lines, particularly around the eyes.

If you are interested in trying the Botox/Juvederm combination, contact us today for a consultation. We can discuss your desired results and which Juvederm filler is right for you.