How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Staying at Home

weight lossWe have successfully helped many people lose weight, and many patients are currently enrolled in our weight loss programs. We know you worked hard to get here, and we want to make sure that you maintain your weight loss. Stay-at-home orders and other factors can easily contribute to weight gain. Here is what you need to consider to avoid gaining weight while staying at home.

Avoid Being Sedentary

Even if you didn’t regularly exercise before the pandemic, you were probably getting a decent amount of activity just from your everyday life and habits. If you are not an essential employee, you are probably spending most of your time at home. That means you are not getting the exercise that you were previously.

If you normally use the gym, your exercise routine has been completely disrupted, but it is important not to give up. You need to replace the gym and other activities with healthy exercises you can do safely at home. Some ideas to get exercise include taking a walk, going for a jog, or doing aerobics. If you do take a walk or jog, make sure you maintain six feet of distance from others out and about.

Avoid Processed Food

There is a reason we call it comfort food. We have associated processed and high-carb foods with happiness. When we are unhappy, we tend to seek out those comfort foods to make ourselves feel better. While comfort foods are okay as a rare treat, you should be avoiding these foods as much as possible. 

It can also be difficult to get high quality food at this time. You may be at the mercy of whatever is left on the shelves. Do the best you can, making sure to always read nutrition labels.

If you have questions about what you need to do to maintain your weight or continue losing weight, we are here to assist you. Reach out for a telemedicine appointment.