Maintaining a Healthy Diet: How Poor Diet Causes Wrinkles

Among the things you can do at home to combat the signs of aging, maintaining a healthy diet is one of the easiest to control. Many people are not aware of the fact that what you eat has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your skin. While you are stuck at home without your anti-aging treatments, follow these diet recommendations to help prevent new or worsening lines.

Foods to Avoid

There are many types of foods that can worsen the condition of your skin and pores, which is one of the leading factors of the formation of new lines and wrinkles. Certain foods cause inflammation in the body, and this inflammation can cause more lines to appear on the face. Processed foods, high fat foods, and high sugar foods are also known to contribute to the formation of wrinkles. 

Here is a brief list of what you should avoid:

  • Fried foods (chips and fries)
  • High-sugar pastries and treats (donuts)
  • Processed meats (hot dogs and bacon)
  • Fatty meats

Other comfort foods that should be avoided include pizza, pastas with rich sauces, and rich, high-fat gravies.

Foods to Add to Your Diet

There are also some foods that can give your skin the nutrients it needs to naturally combat the signs of aging. Some of the foods you should be adding to your diet include:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Salmon
  • Lentils and beans
  • Oatmeal

It is also always best to eat fresh foods whenever possible, especially when it comes to produce. With the current state of grocery stores, it may be difficult to procure fresh ingredients and foods. Do the best you can, always choosing fresh or frozen over canned or dried when possible.

If you have any additional questions about what you can do to prevent new lines and wrinkles while waiting for your next appointment, contact us today.