Radiesse vs Perlane in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Anne Hermann, M.D.

Radiessse vs Perlane is often the question patients ask when deciding which dermal filler is the best choice for them.  The following information will compare the differences between Perlane vs Radiesse and indicate which areas of the face they are optimally used:

How do Perlane and Radiesse differ?

Dermal fillers are categorized by their “G prime factor”, meaning how well the filler holds its shape after injection.  Radiesse has the highest “G prime” factor which makes it a great choice for lifting the cheeks and filling in deep hollows.  It is not suited for the lip region or around the eyes because it is a firmer filler.  Perlane is a middle “G prime” filler and is also a good choice for cheeks as well as the lip area and jaw line.  It is also FDA approved to be used in the nasolabial folds.

How long do Perlane and Radiesse last?

Radiesse filler will last an average of 18 months.  It is made of hydroxyapatite making it a firmer filler which extends its longevity.  Perlane lasts 12 months and is made of hyaluronic acid.  Perlane can be dissolved with a solution to make any adjustments, if desired.

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