Low Testosterone

Low testosterone, or “low T” occurs when the testicles do not produce enough testosterone.  It is also referred to as hypogonadism.  Signs and symptoms of  low testosterone include:  fatigue, lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, low libido and a decrease in beard and body hair growth.   Laboratory blood tests are used to make the diagnosis of hypogonadism.  If your levels are found to be low, you and your physician will determine the best course of treatment.  Testosterone can be replaced in numerous ways including via: gel, cream, injections or a patch.

Replacement therapy can also be achieved with the use of bio-identical hormones that are compounded in a pharmacy, or with pellets that are placed under the skin.

Dr. Anne Hermann offers testing and replacement therapy for low testosterone to her patients.  Offices are maintained in Tampa and Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida.  Please call the office at (813) 902-9559 for more information or to schedule an appointment.